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I'm an aspiring wedding planner. This blog was created as a place to store inspiration and to also inspire.

"How could I live?
Never to know the joy that you give
When I'm in your arms
I'm under your charms
How could I live without you?"

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Some friends of a friend make beautiful wedding films. You should watch this and then go to & watch all of them. Your heart won’t know what to do with it’s self.

sidenote: The song in the beginning, “Old Pine” by Ben Howard, has been apart of every playlist I’ve made since mid December. It’s wonderful. 

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That is one great wedding rehearsal invitation!

That is one great wedding rehearsal invitation!

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Mumford and Sons

She Said Yes - The Wedding Band (Mumford & Sons)

If I get married, I want to be very married.

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The song “Swept Away” by the Avett Brothers will undoubtedly be played at my wedding someday.

“…Well life is ever changing but I will always find a constant and comfort in your love. With your heart my soul is bound and as we dance I know that heaven will be found.”

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